Guardian Circle is a free app that lets friends, family and neighbors protect each other.

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When do you need Guardian Circle?

You’re jogging alone, and get injured

A guy won’t take no for an answer–and follows you.

You’re stuck at work and can’t pick up your child

Or something more serious: a true medical emergency

“Sort of this Amber Alert social network - but for EVERYTHING!”

In some geographies, official services are overwhelmed or simply not available. In many cases, your network is closest and can help you fastest. What we do is help you to provide and receive peer-to-peer protection: at the touch of a button. Guardian Circle is for everyone, anywhere in the world. Did we mention that it’s free?

Heather will break down exactly how it works.

Get Guardians

• Invite friends, family and neighbors to be your Guardians
• NO LIMIT to the number of Guardians you can have

When you find yourself
in a time of need, 

• Four Alert Levels: Emergency,  Urgent, Request and Only A Test
• UNLIMITED Alerts! Use for situations large and small.
• Uses your phone: No additional device purchase (ring/watch/trinket) required!

Guardian Circle organizes
your response team

• Your Guardians get an immediate ALERT NOTIFICATION
• Guardians click and enter an Alert Room.
• Everyone’s location is shared in a group chat - and they’re able to make a plan to help you!

“...A flash mob of help on your phone in under 30 seconds!”

Set Up Your Personal Safety Network Today.