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About Guardian Circle

Guardian Circle provides a community emergency response network. Mobile devices are used to create ‘flash mobs of help’ anywhere on earth. Six billion people have no emergency response. Four billion are unbanked. Guardian Circle + $GUARD cryptocurrency provide a way for citizens to help and reward one another.

Guardian Circle’s API allows any manufacturer to plug any alert device into Guardian Circle: panic buttons, crash detection, voice interfaces, heart rate monitors, etc. Guardian Circle DISPATCH allows private security and private medical response to control a geofenced service area.

Mark Jeffrey

Founder & CEO

Mark Jeffrey is an award-winning serial entrepreneur and author with Harper Collins. His previous companies include The Palace (backed by Time Warner, Intel and SoftBank; sold with 10 million users) and ZeroDegrees (a business social network sold to InterActiveCorp / IAC in 2004 with 1 million users). He was the first CTO of Mahalo / Inside.com (backed by Elon Musk, Sequoia and others). He is also an early pioneer of blockchain technology having published BITCOIN EXPLAINED SIMPLY (2013) and THE CASE FOR BITCOIN (2016).

Chris Hayes

Founder & CTO

Chris Hayes started his career building web apps for the aerospace industry in 1998. He also lays claim to architecting one of the payment industry’s first HRIPSP platforms in 2007 generating over $35,000 daily within two months of launch.


Peter Diamandis

XPRIZE / Human Longevity / Singularity Univ.

William Mougayar

Token Summit

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Miko Matsumura

Evercoin, Pantera Capital

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MetaX / AdToken

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CoinAgenda, Transform

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Ark Advisors

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