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GUARD powers the first global citizen community emergency response network

TThe GUARD Token and Guardian Circle open the emergency response grid to peer-to-peer citizen response, private response and third party devices for the very first time.

Six billion people have no 9-1-1. Four billion are unbanked. By providing an open emergency response network with a token-based economy built in, viable safety networks can arise spontaneously for the very first time.

Odds are that friends, family and neighbors are closest and can help you fastest. ‘Edge delivery of help’ can be transformative, especially since 9-1-1 does not know your location when you call from a mobile device.



An Application Ecosystem That Already Works

Guardian Circle is an established platform that has been operational for over three years and is in use in over 30 countries.

As of today, Guardian Circle is available on iOS, Android and Amazon Alexa. We are working on connecting many more devices through the Guardian Circle API.

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“...A flash mob of help on your phone in under 30 seconds!”
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Media Coverage

Guard Team

Mark Jeffrey

Founder & CEO

Mark Jeffrey is a serial entrepreneur and author. He has co-founded five internet companies (three exits) and written eight books, including the Max Quick series (Harper Collins). Three times, he has conceptualized and built consumer products that generated millions of registered users in the first year.

Chris Hayes

Founder & CTO

Chris Hayes started his career building web apps for the aerospace industry in 1998. He also lays claim to architecting one of the payment industry’s first HRIPSP platforms in 2007 generating over $35,000 daily within two months of launch.

Patrick Takats

Support & Marketing

Guard Team

Peter Diamandis

XPRIZE / Human Longevity / Singularity Univ.

William Mougayar

Token Summit

Crystal Rose-Pierce


Miko Matsumura

Evercoin, Pantera Capital

Ken Brook

MetaX / AdToken

Michael Terpin

CoinAgenda, Transform

Fred Kruegar


Richard Titus

Ark Advisors

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